Skin Surgery Dermatology in New York City

In the dermatology frontier, New York City has made major strides particularly in skin surgery. There are a wide range of highly trained and skilled surgical practitioners who have dedicated their time and resources to researching and offering dermatology services. In a number of units, complex dermatological surgeries such as reconstructive skin surgery and Mohs Micrographic surgery are also undertaken.

In order to give comprehensive skin surgery solutions, many practitioners join hands with other surgeons drawn from fields such as plastic, oculoplastics, and maxilla-facial surgery.

General Staffing

As pointed out earlier, New York City has qualified specialists who undertake skin surgery with a lot of expertise. Among the professionals in this niche include:

Consultant Dermatologists – These professionals are trained both in the diagnosis and management of skin lesions both malignant and benign. Consultant dermatologists can carry out surgical procedures because they are trained in dermatological surgery and are quite familiar with the different treatment modalities.

Specialty Doctors – In most medical centers in New York City, specialty doctors are under the supervision of accredited consultants. However, in some cases they may work alone. The procedures these doctors undertake include general dermatology practices and skin surgery clinics.

Dermatology Nurses – Clinical nurse specialists in particular play a critical supportive role in skin surgery. Most of them have their competency in certain surgical procedures including dressings, infection control, and wound care.

Skin Surgery Facilities

New York City has some of the state-of-the-art facilities in skin surgery and this makes it possible for patients to receive world class treatment. For instance, the operating room suite of most hospitals, are of adequate size and can easily accommodate patients and allow for free movement of staffs.

There are also patient changing rooms, clean and dirty utility rooms for storage and preparation of operating packs and for the disposal of used instruments. The units which offer Mohs surgery have additional special facilities including a Mohs laboratory which is necessary for the preparation of histological slides and tissue sections. These facilities are also equipped with microscopes and other equipment which guarantee you of a safe and professional skin surgery.

Some of the other facilities you will find in most New York hospitals and dermatological centers include laser surgery equipments and cryosurgery facilities. There are patients who may not be comfortable or are allergic to latex which is a form of protein found in rubber products. Most New York medical facilities have made a provision for such patients by setting up latex-free operating rooms complete with strict protocols governing the usage and storage of latex products.

Skin Surgery Equipments in NYC

Just as you will find in most facilities undertaking skin surgery, New York City dermatological centers are fully equipped with operating couches, suction equipment, surgical light, smoke extractors, and resuscitation trolleys among others.

The management of skin surgery as a whole is very impressive in New York City. Patients are normally selected and allocated to operators based on the competence of the professionals. There are sound guidance and monitoring frameworks in the facilities and this ensures standards are always observed.